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Corporate governance

 "Corporate governance helps companies move forward and is a crucial factor for the development of our economies.

If governance is a way to achieve growth,

quality applied governance is a way to achieve differentiation."

Quality applied governance is exactly what Sibylle is offering to help you work on, so you can take advantage of all the resources available to your business.

By helping you assess the various challenges your governance needs to address and offering support to implement the best possible applied governance for your company. 

  • Defining duties and responsabilities for each decision-making body and its members.

  • Picking collaborators for decision-making bodies (board of directors, supervisory board, advisory board)​

  • Understanding the inner dynamics and interactions of these decision-making bodies.

By offering assistance on how to optimise the inner dynamics and the way to better interact together of your company's corporate bodies. 

  • Assessing the way governance bodies work,​

  • Conducting peer reviews and self-assessments with members of these bodies.

By bringing to life the reality of corporate governance during a two-day simulation training course. Click here

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